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Patient Testimonials

At ParkwayHealth we believe that a recommendation from our own patients is better than any advertisement we can create. This section contains some of the experiences of our previous and existing patients. They share with us their stories about healthcare in Shanghai and allow us to give you a different access to ParkwayHealth's services.

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31-05-2016: Take Your Heart Health Seriously


A 61-year-old French tourist freshly arrived in Shanghai to visit his son, Thierry B. was walking along the famous Nanjing Dong Lu when he started feeling abnormal chest pain.

"I never suffered from any cardiac disease in the past, so I didn't think too much of the pain and returned to my son's home to rest. But in the evening when my son came back home, the pain was still there and intensified. My wife and son started getting very anxious and decided to bring me immediately to consult a doctor at ParkwayHealth Clinic in Xintiandi."

Thierry B. was seen straight away by Daniel P. De La Cruz, M.D., Internist at ParkwayHealth Specialty and Inpatient Center, who diagnosed the patient with“acute coronary syndrome" which is very close to a heart attack and immediately warded the patient. The following day, a coronary angiogram showed multi-vessel coronary disease with severe left main artery stenosis. Joey Loh, M.D., Cardiologist at ParkwayHealth, in consultation with Professor Qiang Zhao, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Ruijin Hospital, strongly recommended an off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting operation. The procedure "was performed with the highest standard of technical level and ensured the best long-term outcomes for the patient" says Dr. Joey Loh.

"I want to express my gratitude to Professor Qiang Zhao, Dr. Joey Loh, and Dr. Daniel P. De La Cruz, as well as the whole ParkwayHealth team for their professionalism and quick response. My wife and I didn't have to burden ourselves with administrative details or translation issues, since ParkwayHealth staff coordinated my entire hospital stay.

Dr. Joey Loh checked in on me every day in Ruijin ICU center up until I was transferred back to ParkwayHealth for the rest of my recovery stay.

Thank you for all your hard work in saving my life!"