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Integrative Dry Needling
Breast Problems in Women
Meeting Our New Doctors
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Integrative Dry Needling
By Dr. Ozgur Surenkok, Physical Therapist

We have all been injured to some degree throughout our lives. When an injury is sustained, our soft tissues go through a healing process that starts with inflammation/swelling and ends with reconstruction of the injured tissue. It is during this healing process, where inflammation, contracture of tissues, formation of adhesions between neighboring tissues, and scar formation become the causes of chronic soft tissue dysfunction, trigger points, nerve irritation and persistent pain. These changes result in blockage of fluid into and out of an area, as well as a decrease in blood circulation, and an increase in pain due to a changing chemical environment. The soft tissues that we are speaking of include muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursae, capsules, fascia, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels. Injured tissues eventually become weakened and deformed due to a lack of nutrition, resulting in increased pain, disuse, and altered movement patterns.
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Breast Problems in Women
By Dr. Li Zheng, Gynecologist

A woman's breasts go through many changes over a lifetime. Breast problems, such as breast lumps, pain or tenderness, nipple discharge or inversion, and changes in the skin of the breast, are common in women of all ages, from adolescents to older women. While it can be frightening to discover a new breast problem, most breast problems are not caused by breast cancer.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Meeting Our New Doctors
Dr. Richard Xie Dr. Richard Xie
Department: Adult Medicine
Nationality: Chinese-Singaporean
Language: English, Mandarin
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