Our ParkwayHealth dermatology department is committed to provide the management of a wide variety of skin disease and disorders including mole check-up, eczema, acne, warts, psoriasis, vitiligo, vasulitis, hair loss, herpes, STD, skin hyperplasia, etc.

Besides, we also provide skin rejuvenation service like wrinkle removal, hair removal, freckles, age spot, melasma treatment, scarring remedy, etc.

Our qualified dermatologists offer a full range of dermatologic and cosmetic procedures including:

  • Common treatment (Eg: cryotherapy, electrosurgery; curettage, extraction)
  • General operation: mole removal, biopsy, cyst removal, lipoma removal , nail surgery, flap transfer and skin cancer treatment etc
  • UV treatment
  • LED phototherapy and photodynamic therapy
  • Chemical peeling
  • Laser treatment such as CO2 laser, Cosmetic laser (IPL, 755 long-pulsed laser, 1064 long-pulsed laser)
  • Botox injection

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Dermatology doctors

Sarita Dimri

Dr. Sarita Dimri

Dr. Sarita Dimri is experienced in various dermatological procedures, and diagnosing and treating various skin disorders and STD. She has Special interest in cosmetic procedures including botox, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and laser treatments.

Michelle Ding

Dr. Michelle Ding

Dr. Michelle Ding has special interest in general dermatosis of adult and children, adult STD, dermatology out-patient operations, PDT treatment.

Chunlin Yan

Dr. Chunlin Yan

Dr. Yan from Shanghai Medical University (China) has 20 years of experience in dermatology. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin. As the chief dermatologist at ParkwayHealth China, Dr. Yan is leading a team of dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons to provide skin cancer screening, surgical and laser treatment for skin tumors, narrow-band UVB phototherapy which is effective for treating widespread psoriasis and eczema. Dr. Yan also works with Elite workstation which is the most comprehensive laser hair removal system available today.

Alva Zhou

Dr. Alva Zhou

Dr. Alva Zhou has special interest in general dermatosis of adult and children, dermatology out-patient operations, cosmetic dermatology, Botox injection and chemical peeling.

Dermatology locations

Gleneagles Medical and Surgical Center
Tomorrow Square, 389 Nanjing Xi Rd., 4th Floor Shanghai 200003

Hong Qiao Medical Center
2258 Hong Qiao Rd., Shanghai 200336


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