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Select City Shanghai 24-hour Appointment 400-819-6622

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Vaccination Status at ParkwayHealth China

January 23, 2017

Due to an increasing amount of calls and enquiries about ParkwayHealth vaccination status and availability, below is some information about the vaccines we are currently using:

Vaccine Brand Manufactory
Hep B Engerix B GSK
IPV-DTaP-HIB (5-in-1) Pentaxim Sanofi Pasteur
7-PCV Prevenar Wyeth
Hep A Vaqta Merck
Meningococcal Group A,C   YuxiWalvaxBiothecnology Co., Ltd
Varicella   Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co., LTD
Meningococcal Group ACYW135   YuxiWalvaxBiothecnology Co., Ltd
JEV   Liaoning ChengdaBiothecnology Co., Ltd
  • All the above vaccines available at ParkwayHealth are all purchased from and approved by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is safe and secure.
  • If one of the above vaccines is no longer available due to the CDC instructions, ParkwayHealth will not assume related responsibilities and may provide the alternative vaccines supplied by CDC.

For further enquiry or to make an appointment, please contact our 24-hour Appointment Service Center at 400 819 6622 or click here.

Thank you for your continuous support and trust. We will continue to provide quality services for you.