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Delivery Package A

This package is available for expectant mothers having a normal delivery. The package includes postpartum care for the mother as well as newborn care for the baby. This package includes all medical services and medications during the patient’s hospitalization period.

Service Includes Price in RMB
Room Charge 2-3 days including labor, delivery and recovery  
Doctors's fee NVD including postpartum care (hospital and 1 doctor’s consult within 6 weeks) for mother only
Neonatologist attendance at delivery
Normal newborn subsequent hospital care
Equipments & Disposable Supplies Labour and delivery related equipment & consumables
Oxygen delivery
Daily care related equipment & consumables
IV therapy related equipment & consumables
Mothers' Medication Ringer’s solution x 500 ml
Normal saline x 100 ml
Normal saline irrigation x 500 ml
Oxytocin 40 iu as required
Pills of Pain Killer
Antiseptic solutions
Routine lab tests:
CBC x1
Newborn Care Physician consultation
Attendance at delivery
Initial assessment and stabilisation
Daily visits
Nursing materials
Newborn's Medication & Lab Tests Vitamin K1 injection
Erythromycin eye ointment
Alcohol solution for cord care
Cord blood ABO Rh and coombs
Bilirubin level once daily
Neonatal screening: PKU hypothyroidism
Baby thermometer
Newborn hearing screen
Total Cost   60,000
Optional Epidural
Home visit

Note: UK PHARMACY IMPORTED BCG Vaccines and First Hepatitis B injection is not included in the package, should you wish to have your new born vaccinated this will be charged separately.

Patients wishing to enroll in the package should call the OBGYN representative at 158-0185-7802 or contact us.

Read the terms and conditions that apply to this service package.

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