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Making a difference in people's lives

ParkwayHealth China

ParkwayHealth is a member of Parkway Pantai Group which is one of Asia's largest integrated private healthcare groups operating in Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Brunei and United Arab Emirates.

In 2005, ParkwayHealth opened its first medical center in Shanghai, bringing world-renowned quality healthcare to China. Through the acquisition of World Link Group in 2007, ParkwayHealth becomes Shanghai's largest foreign-owned medical network.

ParkwayHealth China is a leading international healthcare provider. With a team of over 85 internationally trained physicians, we now operate 10 medical and dental centers conveniently located in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong offering more than 40 specialties. We work closely with the best local hospitals with which we share our knowledge and expertise to ensure the best services possible to our patients. We have established direct billing services with over 50 insurance companies. We provide both outpatient and inpatient care for adults and children. Our services include: family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, dermatology, ENT, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, gynecology, general surgery, orthopedics & sports medicine, plastic & hand surgery, endocrinology, allergy, dentistry, orthodontics, psychiatry, psychology, stress management, traditional Chinese medicine & acupuncture, nutrition, physical therapy, chiropractic, speech therapy, etc.

History & Network

Our History

ParkwayHealth, through Parkway Holdings (Singapore), is the largest publicly-traded premium hospital company in Asia. In 2010, Parkway Holdings was integrated into Integrated Healthcare Holdings Limited (Malaysia) and became part of a 25 hospitals network in Asia.

In Singapore, ParkwayHealth owns Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles Hospital and the East Shore Hospital and has successfully launched the Novena Hospital in 2011.

It owns:

  • 17 hospitals around the region providing
  • 3,600 beds
  • the expertise of 1,500 accredited medical professionals
  • a wide range of specialist fields

Its flagship institutions include the hospitals and medical centers in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, India and United Arab Emirates. The company operates more than thirty premium primary care and health-screening facilities under the Parkway Shenton brand, and specialized Centers of (Medical and Surgical) Excellence in several key medical specialties (e.g. Oncology (Cancer), Liver Surgery, Cardiology) and themed surgical facilities (e.g. Eye Center, Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery). Additionally, Parkway's more than 20 subsidiary companies provide a full range of related health care services and health care education, including laboratory investigations, medical imaging services, and clinical research (CRO) services through Gleneagles CRC. Parkway College's School of Healthcare Management, School of Nursing and School of Allied Health offer degree program such as Master of Health Administration or Diploma in Healthcare Management, Advanced Diploma in Nursing and Diploma in allied health. Parkway Holdings is a publicly owned company, and is listed on the Singapore Exchange.

Furthermore, ParkwayHealth also operates over 45 International Patient Assistance Centres across the globe, bringing quality, integrated healthcare to patients wherever they may be.

ParkwayHealth is the frequent winner of international health management and service quality awards, such as SuperBrands and the Asian Hospital Management Award.

Our Network

As the largest international healthcare provider in Asia, our extensive network allows access to over 1,500 doctors. In Shanghai, with over 80 internationally trained physicians and convenient locations we are the leading international healthcare provider. Our centers offer both inpatient and outpatient care and are located in many different suburbs including City Center, Pudong, Hong Qiao and Xintiandi.

At ParkwayHealth we pride ourselves in the range of specialties we provide. We work closely with local Chinese hospitals such as Huashan Hospital and Ruijin Hospital. We share with them our knowledge and expertise in an effort to offer the best Shanghai international medical service possible to all our patients.



To be the global leader in value-based integrated healthcare.


To make a difference in people's lives through excellent patient care.


People above all... by treating those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity and respect.

Excellence... by acting with integrity and striving for the highest quality care and service.

Results... by exceeding the expectations of the people we serve and those we set for ourselves.

Social Responsibilities

Our Community Partners

At ParkwayHealth, we not only serve the international community but are part of it, since the majority of our doctors are either from or trained overseas.

We are constantly working together with many community groups, schools, residential compounds, associations, etc. in order to reach everyone that might need medical assistance or simply information on healthy living in China.


Health Seminars

At ParkwayHealth we are always happy to organize Health Talks and Seminars with a variety of groups interested in providing their members with specific information about healthcare in Beijing. From school parent associations, residential group gatherings or new comers coffee mornings to big company staff reunions, we are interested in helping anyone who is concerned about how to better take care of their own health.

Listed below are some of the Talks and Seminars topics that we can provide:

  • Evaluation and Correction of Abnormal Posture
  • Exercise is Medicine! Away from the common problem of neck and shoulder pain for unique sedentary office crowd.
  • Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Sport Injury
  • Common causes of child coughing in winter
  • Hand,Foot,Mouth Disease & other child care related topic
  • Protect your child from haze harm
  • Common causes of child coughing in winter
  • Cancer related topic
  • Advances of Helicobacter Pylori Prevention
  • Gynecology topic
  • Cardiology topic
  • How to approach an emergency incident step by step
  • Comprehensive approach to emergency incident; how to provide first aid to common injuries